Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bringing Home the Bacon

After a very high-profile debut in New York City speakeasy, PDT (Please Don't Tell) Bacon Bourbon has finally made it's way to SF. As hipsters take over the the mission, it is only a matter of time before trends become the constantly fleeting norm. To the list of currently flourishing Mission trends, (i.e. food carts, pop-up makeshift restaurants) add bacon-flavored cocktails. The last place one might expect to find such a trendy spirit is Pop's Bar on 24th and York. Nevertheless, amidst dusty broke-down chandeliers, blaring random jukebox music and drunk girls singing and dancing around the entire bar to Freddie Mercury's "We are the Champions," I am served a bacon-infused cocktail. As far as I know Pop's in the only bar in the city serving up this liver damage/possible heart attack combo in a glass. That being said, lone star or not Pop's Bacon Bourbon lacks, at best. Anyway you slice it, and I did a few different ways (a bacontini, bacon bourbon neat and a bacon concentrate of some sort,) Bacon bourbon is not good. To start the bacon flavor isn't really there. The only thing I taste is bourbon. Bartender Tuffy says he used to rim the martini glass with butter and bacon bits for extra bacon flavor, but no longer does. Bartenders in this dive make the base spirit by infusing Safeway deli bacon and a bit of fat in the liquor for a week. Then while mixing your bacon drink of choice they muddle bacon in the glass, shake and strain. Tuffy makes mine with Woodford Reserve, a respectable bourbon but the result is a terribly salty cocktail that is about as smooth as sandpaper. This little piggy thinks DISGUSTING. 2800 24th Street, (415) 401-7677

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  1. I bet that mr bartender was extremely caught off guard when you went in there asking hella questions. He's probably regretting that he told you it was safeway deli bacon. Lame attempt to sell some trendy booze.