Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brain Games

I said I’d be back for the brains and as woman of my word I went, I ate, I conquered. Legend has it that eating brain meat results in increased brainpower. Hoping that legend is true I order a brain taco and it is served just like all the other tacos I’ve written about. White paper, check. Red basket, check. Meat piled high atop two steaming soft corn tortillas, check. Except this time I am grimacing at the sight of this taco. The squiggly pattern of the brain is literally visible in the big chunks of meat that are roughly chopped and laced with salsa, chopped onions and cilantro. It cannot be confirmed whether or not eating brain actually makes you smarter but it can be confirmed that brain meat is DISGUSTING. Not El Farolito’s finest. The texture is mushy. Eating brain is like putting a chunk of playdoh in your mouth. It sticks in your teeth, smells weird and forms to any shape your mouth makes it before eventually crumbling into mushy pieces. Its just like eating giblets- the flavor is chalky, flat and gross. Use your heart and not your mind- pass on the brain. 2779 Mission St, (415) 824-7877

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