Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Back Trotter

Hidden amongst the alleys of North Beach 15 Romolo is hands down the neighborhood’s least chaotic bar. Its obscure alley location, and modest sign- unique given its close proximity to the mega wattage that defines Broadway St., make Romolo easy to miss. Most prefer its mellow atmosphere to the police monitored, stripper-filled streets of North Beach. But, if you’re looking for a relatively mellow night out, that may or may not end in arrest and/or getting pimp smacked, (depends on how long you stand on Broadway at 2 am) you now know where to go, just don’t tell anyone. Duck into the narrow alleyway, and just below the Basque Hotel you’ll find this simple bar. Its decor is vaguely reminiscent of a speakeasy, but the cocktail and food menus are completely post-modern. Chef Jake Kwan’s menu emphasizes fresh, local ingredients and is becoming what some might call adventurous. Its newest addition, crispy pork trotters are made from pig feet meat. Blanched and braised the meat is the minced and formed into a log. Made to order, like everything else on the menu Kwan slices two patties from the ol’ log, and pan fries these little piggies to crispy, golden brown perfection. The pickled vegetable garnish, made of carrots, celery, radish and red cabbage provide some much needed acid and fiber to this high fat, and likely fatal dish. Just try and ignore the chest pains after eating two plates of these. Survey says DELICIOUS. (415) 398-1359, 15 Romolo Pl.

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