Monday, December 7, 2009

What's Meat Got To Do With It

In an effort to make this blog more culinarily diverse we are eating things we would never consider under any other circumstances. For instance, on a recent trip to Ike's Place in the Castro we tried the Vegan Paul Ruben. Okay, alright. So technically it's not really vegan. I ordered it with dirty sauce because, let's be real you can't go to Ike's and not get dirty sauce, thanks. There is the option, however of "vegannaise" for a truly vegan experience, but I eat meat and like dirty sauce, sue me. At any rate this toasty little number comes with shredded lettuce, tomato, red cabbage coleslaw, red onion, and pepperoncini stacked under a pile of vegan turkey, vegan cheese, and (insert spread of choice here). When I think of a reuben the main thing that excites me is the corned beef. But this sandwich, like most at Ike's, is really effing good. In fact, few people would even know it's vegan should you neglect to mention the V-word. Seriously, DELICIOUS. And, if haven't been to Ike's, you can't beat Tina there, but you can beat meat. 3506 16th St, (415) 553-6888

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